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turneffe dive sites

Unraveling the Underwater Wonders of Belize

Turneffe Atoll was designated a marine reserve in 2012 and is considered to have the best scuba dive sites in all of Belize. The shallower reefs provide the perfect dive spot for novices, while the nearby Great Blue Hole is the perfect scuba location for experienced divers.

Top Dive Sites Turneffe Atoll.

There are countless dive locations in and around the atoll and we can tailor your diving adventures to your expertise level and preference. Belize dive Haven is centrally located to the best sites in Belize.  You can see the full map of sites here.  We have highlighted below just a small sample of the diverse dive spots available.

The Aquarium

This is the perfect spot for novices or those who want a shallow, peaceful dive. With a maximum depth of 12 feet, it is the ideal spot for beautiful underwater photography, and the tunnels, arches, swim-throughs, and nooks all contribute to the charm of The Aquarium.


If you are looking for a wreck dive, The Sayonara was a passenger and cargo ship deliberately sunk in 1985. The wreck is home to many schools of small reef fish and the rope and barrel sponges that grow on the large coral heads are magnificent to photograph.

The Elbow

Located on the southern tip of Turneffe Atoll, this advanced dive location attracts a variety of marine life like barracuda, Atlantic spadefish and dolphins. Because of the location, this diving location is best attempted on a calm day.

Great Blue Hole

This large underwater sinkhole is over 300 metres across and 125 metres deep. Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and explored by Jacques Cousteau, it is a world-class destination for experienced divers. Spectacular coral formations, crystal clear water and the opportunity to see nurse sharks and giant groupers are all reasons this dive spot is on many people’s bucket lists. The Great Blue Hole is arguably the best dive site in Belize, if not all of the Americas!

Top Dive Sites Turneffe Atoll

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