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Belize Dive Haven Dive Courses & Fees

Belize Dive Haven is more than just an island resort to relax at, it’s a place where scuba divers of all experience levels can visit to hone their skills! We are proud to offer a wide range of PADI-approved scuba training courses, from introductory and refresher programs, all the way to advanced certifications.

Each and every one of the dive courses offered at the Belize Dive Haven resort is overseen by our 5-star PADI instructors, so you can feel confident knowing that you have expert divers passing on their mastery to you!

Whether you are a beginner, or are well experienced and prepping for a challenging open water excursion, Belize Dive Haven is the best place to learn and explore simultaneously!





Advanced Open Water$5502 Days
Boat Dive$2802 Days
Deep Dive$3502 Days
Digital Photo Dive$3502 Days
Digital Video Dive$3502 Days
Dive Master$1,2501 Month
Dive Instructor$7,5003 Weeks
Belize Dive Haven – Regular Dive$50 
Blue Hole$350 + $40 park fee 
Boat Divers$3502 Days
Emergency First Response$2502 Days
Emergency Oxygen Provider$4002 Days
Junior Advanced$5502 Days
Junior Boat Dive$3502 Days
Junior Deep Dive$3502 Days
Junior Dive Master$1,2002 Days
Junior Drift Dive$3502 Days
Junior Night Dive$3002 Days
Junior Open Water$5502 Days
Junior Peak Performance Buoyancy$3502 Days
Junior Recuse Diver$5502 Days
Night Diver$3502 Days
Nitrox 32-40%$20/dive 
Open Water$5502 Days
Peak Performance Buoyancy$3502 Days
Rescue Diver$5502 Days
Search and Rescue Diver$2502 Days
Self Reliant Diver$3502 Days
Belize Dive Haven – Snorkeling Course$1501/2 Days
Belize Dive Haven – Snorkelling Trip$50 
Gear Rental$60Daily Rate
Gear Rental$125Weekly Rate
Guests who cannot bring their entire scuba gear collection can rent equipment directly from the resort.

Our dive team will ensure that you receive a proper fit and educate you on the features of the equipment you rent. With flat daily rates and dedicated staff, you’ll soon see why so many choose to rent with us vs paying to transport their full gear set with them.

Note: Tanks and weights are included in your vacation dive package fees.

  • Regulator: $15.00
  • BCD: $20.00
  • Wet Suit $15.00
  • Diving Computer: $25.00
  • Mask: $10.00
  • Fins: $10.00
Weekly Full Set    
  • $100.00
  • With Dive Computer $125.00
Tax 12.5% Not Included
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