Belize Dive Haven pool and open view. A Turneffe island resort focussed on scuba divers

A Paradise Resort on Turneffe Island

Belize Dive Haven is located just minutes away from some of the world’s best dive sites. Our Resort on Turneffe Island offers comfort and tranquillity while on vacation at one of Belize Dive Haven’s 96 air-conditioned residences with penthouse suites available. Spend your days swimming the world’s largest living reef or enjoy two enormous swimming pools.

Refresh your scuba diving skills with 17 guided dives during your stay, or take part in our PADI dive training and continuing education classes on-site. With the long stretch of barrier reef in one location, you’ll explore a new dive site every day and forget the outside world as you swim among the 600 species of fish and aquatic life.

Fall in Love with Belize - Scuba Packages from $999

Experience the beauty of our resort on Turneffe Island located in the Belize Barrier Reef a UNESCO World Heritage site

YourGuide To Sharks In Belize

Plan your escape to our resort on Turneffe Island

Our private resort on Turneffe Island is located off the coast of Belize, just 22 miles from the world-famous Great Blue Hole. Spend your days with fins or fishing rod in hand, and live the life of a castaway.

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What Are Divers Saying

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John H.
14:36 11 Aug 21
Gr8 place to stay and gr8-est diving spot I've been to in the Caribbean ever. "Cardinal" was our host and is also a gifted dive master who shows he cares about his guests abo e and below the water. Can't wait to go back here!
Roni M.
01:59 31 Jul 21
Amazing and serene place beside the reef.
Jamie R.
10:15 17 Jul 21
Oddly surreal experience. The diving was amazing; Marcella and Denroy did a great job. The rest of the staff also did a great job; Naomi, Rangel (spelling?) to name a few. We had issues with the AC in the room, but the staff was prompt to get it fixed both times. I would recommend dropping the Italian buffet; its just a bad idea and that food was the worst of the trip. The resort its self is the oddity. Its unfortunate such a hideous and ostentatious resort was allowed to be built in Turneffe Atoll; the resort only detracts from the area's natural beauty. Yes, there are other resorts in the Atoll, but most appear to be built to fit within the area. The Belize Dive Haven is almost a huge "F**k You" to the environment. Mr. Hakimi, the owner, lives on site. You are often reminded of Mr. Hakimi's presence, as too many things bear his name.
Neil S.
04:57 07 Jul 21
Some good, some terrible.The goodJody, Denroy and Ron/Randy, the dive guides were great!Naomi at the front desk as very friendly.The housekeeper were great.The beds were comfortable.The badThe food!I've been to 15 or so all inclusive resorts. This one clearly has the worst food I've ever encounter. "Hakim" should be ashamed of himself.Beans, rice and chicken for 7 days straight for both lunch and dinner.Only except was spaghetti on Wed night and Lasagna on Fri night.Occasionally a few cookies for desert.Terrible, non existent choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Terrible, appalling, horrible food.The pools!Pools not full. Both half empty for 2 weeks. It actually resulted in an in injury in which someone needed to be airlifted to the mainland. (See tripadisor).Swim up bar - is non existent because there is no water in the pool.The hot tub - doesnt have hot water. So it's more like a kiddie pool.The restaurants- despite what the website says, there aren't any. Zero.They have a padio area that serves a 3 item prison style buffet...beans, rice and chicken.The worstFood!The beach is not a beach. It is covered in 15 feet of sargasm that no one cares to rake up, clean or dispose of...... yet all the other resorts in the area care enough to clear it. Clearly visible from their boats.We saw Turneffe raking. No sargasm on their beach... or their neighboring resorts..... but Hakim doesnt care.Dont believe me,there is trash piled all across the beach. Throughout the week, no one touched it. I asked about this and was told, it's from the cruise ships.....(the cruise ships that aren't running due to covid). So why not clean your beach? Plastic, broken bottles, foil, garbage all over the shoreline.On a side note;Lastly, as you take the boat to the island, you see an ugly eye sore protruding on the horizon.That's where you're staying.From the distance, it looks like an office building or an old hospital.Kind of odd looking.Not romantic, not cozy, not comfortable, not rustic.....Just a odd looking structure.Within it, is a giant ball room that no one uses that appears to have been built for hundreds of people....yet, no one uses it. It reminded me of The Shining.....but that's a non issue for me. The food, the beach, the trash, the sargasm, the pools, the non swim up bar, the NOT hot tub, the lie of an all inclusive drink package.....those are all very relevant issues.Of all the all inclusives I've been to, this one was the worst.I could not and would not ever recommend this place to anyone. In good conscience I would suggest going anywhere else.This Hakim guy is either out of money or just doesnt want tspend anymore.I know this, because I listen to him complain about how much he has to pay in interest and taxes.....several times.Hopefully Hakimi sells this place to a company that actually cares to improve it.One last thing,...Hakim asked me to go on this site and leave a very positive review.Okay.... Jody, Denroy,Ron/Randy, Naomi and the housekeepers were all positively great.....now, give them a budget and some money to run the place and get out of the way. Sir Hakim, you should be ashamed of yourself! Never have I felt so ripped off and swindled. Never!
Denese E.
20:38 05 Jul 21
This place was a beauty & a real pleasure to visit
Eugene K.
22:23 22 May 21
This is a unique place I recommend very highly even though I am often more of a cabin guy than a resort/hotel type. This place can cater to hardcore scuba divers that want to explore the best reefs without spending full week on a liveaboard boat (and sacrificing fun and comfort), as well as mixed parties of scuba divers (experienced and novices), snorkelers and cocktail drinkers, with and without kids.Due to too few divers we were warned that Lighthouse Reef diving can only be arranged at private trip prices and two of us decided to spend just 4 nights at Belize Dive Haven and move to a place on Lighthouse Reef for 3 nights. While I don’t have regrets, let me just list what we missed/lost from this move, at least what mattered to me.-- A proper big transfer boat from the mainland where you are protected from the sun, rain, and splashes from the choppy seas.-- A really spacious and comfortable room with space for all our stuff.-- A/C in the room and the feeling of never being hot even though we came in mid-May. The whole territory of Dive Haven is under unobstructed sea breeze, including the outdoor dining space. In the other place I was constantly hot except when on a boat and in the shower.-- Money - we paid closer to 50% more per day of diving at that other place. Dive Haven is the most aggressively priced resort on the atoll.-- Better equipped dive shop with Nitrox compressor, bigger and more convenient diving boats, better rental equipment that included dive computers. Cardinal runs a tight operation, and D/Z/Wee/whatever-Run (that was a name everyone got differently) is a fun and expert boat captain.-- Not being eaten by most fashistic mosquitoes you even seen. Being able to walk around even at dusk. Dive Haven cleared big enough territory from the atoll jungle that mosquitoes stopped being a problem (you’d still need to use a bit of anti-mosquito spray when dining).-- Freshwater pool, while not essential for hardcore scuba divers, was really nice.Sir Hakimi, it was an honor getting to know you, and seeing the scale of the operation. I can say I respect your decisions about what to invest into and not compromise on very much. Very impressive!Andre, Fermin, feel free to use my review in your marketing materials.With many thanks -- Eugene
Lindburgh S.
16:20 11 Apr 21
The place is beautiful but need to work on customer service a bit.
Scuba F.
23:39 22 Dec 20
Our group stayed at Belize Dive Haven the second week of December, 2020. The resort itself is beautiful, clean, and has a very friendly staff. I only gave 4 stars because the week we were there, we were the only group (22 people) on the property, and many of the normal amenities were not readily available (gift shop open on request only, no one at the front desk) so I didn't get to experience the resort as normal. We were there for the diving, so that didn't matter to us. The dive crew was very knowledgeable and took us to fantastic locations! They let us dive close to, or over an hour for most dives. They had Nitrox available, and it was a reasonable price. The staff at the resort were super friendly, and after a day or two they knew everyone's first name. The food was delicious, and they were very conscientious about COVID and making sure everyone was wearing masks and using hand sanitizer. The resort is right on the beach with two beautiful pools. Be sure to carry plenty of Deet bug repellent, and some Benadryl spray/Calamine lotion - the sand fleas are awful! Other than the bites they gave several of us, everything else about our stay was perfect!
Paul K.
18:38 21 Nov 20
Overall we had a very good experience with Belize Dive Haven Resort. Our primary objective was to come here and dive for multiple days. The local reef/wall dives are good and the best diving (Lighthouse reef, half moon caye) is only about a 45 minute boat ride away. There is an extra fee for that trip along with additional park fees. On many of our dives we saw reef sharks, several different species of turtles, eagle rays, stingrays, dolphin. Nitrox is offered as an optional upgrade as well ($150/wk).The ResortThe resort is a work in progress, it’s probably about 80% complete. The portions of the resort you would use on a daily basis are completed adequately. Overall I found the rooms to be spacious and very clean, comfortable beds, cold AC. The dining area is a simple, large open air area with tables and a bar.Besides diving there isn’t much else to do out here. There’s a nice beach with kayaks and two big beautiful pools but other than that, options are limited. Like I stated earlier, we came to dive so that wasn’t an issue for us. It would be nice to have additional options if you wanted to bring other non-diving family members along.Right next to the resort is an airstrip, we opted to fly (Tropic Air) from BZE to the resort, a quick 15 minute flight.The StaffAll staff members were very friendly and welcoming, greeting you with a warm smile on their face. The dive guides and captains were also great. We enjoyed diving primarily with Cardinal and Max. Oscar and Ron took good care of those at the bar.The FoodFood quantity was plentiful and the quality was fair. Mostly inexpensive cuts of bone-in pork, beef or chicken along with rice, potatoes, beans, vegetables. Food was served buffet-style but because of Covid staff served you. Again, food service staff were great!COVID-19 safety protocols were followed throughout by all staff.
Ernest M.
13:45 09 Mar 20
Great diving. Excellent staff and crews.
Kalon M.
18:42 01 Mar 20
It was absolutely wonderful the people are flawless and the best vacation I have ever been on. I suggest that they have a few more trashcans around. But everyone was amazing and the food was wonderful!
Gail S.
23:39 25 Jan 20
The people make the place. The dive master's and dive staff are fabulous. Thank you Ernesto and cardinal and James. Really on point. They did everything possible to make our diving as positive as possible. The food service team Luis, Armando Alexis and team really deliver. Oscar the bartender is the very best. A great team.and Alexis rock and roll.
Rossana M.
21:17 01 Jan 20
Semplicemente meravigliosa un posto dove rilassarsi ma anche fare attività sportive x gli amanti del sub personale gentilissimo e attento agli ospiti SUPER CONSIGLIATO
Brandonbl B.
19:03 31 Dec 19
The staff was great, Max and Cardinal were two of the nicest dive instructors in Belize, the resort is a piece of paradise
Nic van den Y.
01:55 16 Dec 19
Terrible communication. We decide to fo elsewhere
Elle Heino [.
00:36 16 Dec 19
We spent one week at this truly amazing place.What makes this resort so special is the location, facilities and above all the staff. Team of true professionals that are ready to take care of your every wish and needs. Thank you Luis and your staff for every delicious meal you have prepared for us, thank you for fulfilling my special dietary needs. Thank you Max and Cardinal and your team for keeping my children safe while diving, memories you helped to create for Kristina and Ellie will last a life time. Thank you Zane, Naomi. Oscar, all you wonderful housekeeping ladies and ground maintenance staff, you make this amazing place even more special by your hard work and friendly and professional attitude. Thank you for making our trip unforgettable.This resort is great for both divers and non divers who enjoy tranquil setting and upscale accommodations and facilities.Rooms are bright, beautifully furnished and the beds are very, very comfortable.Swimming pool contains rain water and swimming in it a real treat. There is abundance of sun beds and outdoor furniture sets all throughout beautifully landscaped and well maintained grounds.We were impressed by the fact that the whole resort is designed and operates in environmentally friendly manner, for example there is reverse osmosis drinking water refill station in the lobby available to the guests, it provides superior tasting water and eliminates piles of plastic water bottles which is what happens in majority of hotels and resorts.
Luisa M.
16:59 07 Aug 19
Had a great time with a group of dive and travel professionals from all over the U.S.From the moment we arrived in Belize, the staff of BDH, were very attentive to each one of us in the group. Same treatment was given when we arrived at the resort. Every staff member, went out of their way to make our stay the best possible.There were several of us in the group that had either allergies to foods or could only eat certain foods. The kitchen staff met each one of the meal needs in the group. Luis, the Food and Beverage Manager, has a great staff. From the servers to the Chefs!! Thanks again for making my special meals.Hotel Manager Gil and his staff made sure we were taken care and were attentive to all our needs while we were there.The dive staff was amazing, from the DiveMasters to the boat Captains. If you ask me, Boat Capt. Deron, DMs Cardinal and James were the BEST! If you ask the other that were on the other boat they would say that Boat Capt Terell, DM Rodney and Max (CD) were the best.Understanding that they have absolutely no control over the weather, they did everything possible to make sure we had a good time. Dives were delayed while waiting for the Tropical storm front to pass. After that, we were off to amazing dive sights. Our very last day of diving, we were treated to the most amazing dolphin show. NO, they don't have dolphins on the resort! But the ocean does!! During our last dive we had 5-8 dolphins, join us on our dive. After the dolphins noticed we were amazed they took off. It was exciting to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat and not in some show in captivity.Cant wait to go back!!
Liz S.
15:29 07 Aug 19
Beautiful resort, excellent diving!!
Maxwell M.
11:35 04 Aug 19
Greatest diving in turneffe
Morris S.
13:52 25 May 19
Not ready for prime time
Jeremy H.
13:43 04 Apr 19
Beautiful resort. Excellent location for divers. Many dive locations minutes off the beach. Great snorkeling as well.
tmoya M.
05:42 26 Mar 19
Arma A.
14:56 25 Mar 19
Really nice place. Being there feels like you have left your troubles behind and tu ou get to relax. It has a beautiful view of the reef. If you love diving and relaxing...this is the place to unwind.
Seth B.
19:09 24 Aug 18
Amazing place!
Alex A.
22:34 23 Aug 18
M. Garrison S.
01:06 19 Aug 18
Best week of my life.
Sf. A.
04:32 16 Jul 18
Veri good
Jackie T.
22:15 17 Nov 17
Had the pleasure of being one of the first guests to visit this resort and it was truly magical! The diving was phenomenal and the staff worked hard to make sure we were well taken care of. When I wasn't enjoying all the ocean had to offer, I was enjoying the GIGANTIC pool!! I've never seen one like it at any resort! It is a masterful design and for someone who loves to swim, it was so nice to swim more than 200 ft and not reach the other side! Made my morning laps easy because I wasn't turning constantly! It was also a wonderful place to sit at night to enjoy the calming Caribbean breezes. If you love to dive and that is your focus, this is a place to consider!
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