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Vacation in Belize

 If you’re planning your next Caribbean vacation, it’s very easy to see why so many people choose to vacation in Belize. Nestled in a pristine corner of the Caribbean between México and Guatemala, Belize is one of the last undiscovered gems of the world. In addition to the friendly people of Belize, visitors love the…

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Your Guide to Groupers in Belize

 If you’re visiting Belize to see the incredible wildlife, you may think of dolphins, sea turtles, and sharks. Not everyone’s mind goes straight to Belize’s diverse community of Groupers, but they’re impressive nonetheless. Worldwide, there are approximately 159 unique species of Groupers, and Belize is fortunate to have several of them just off of its…

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The Angelfish of Belize

They’re big, beautiful and graceful fish that are popular among private salt water aquarium owners. They’re the classic coral reef fish: Angelfish. They’re also known as the “sea anemone” due to their resemblance to the sea anemone. Angelfish are the most common marine species, preferring tropical and subtropical waters. Globally, there are 74 species of…

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Pirate Legends of Belize

Pirates of the Caribbean isn’t some fictional tale. It’s true – a long time ago, pirates sailed the tropical Caribbean waters. Some even set up camp here in Belize. In fact, the infamous Blackbeard himself controlled the Caribbean Sea for a time. And sometimes, Belize Dive Haven guests and staff hear faint sounds of cannons…

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 If you fancy yourself a tropical getaway, take a scuba holiday in Belize. Between the pristine waters, the barrier reef, the diverse marine life, and Jacques Cousteau’s world-famous Blue Hole – there’s so much to see! It’s no wonder so many people holiday in Belize. It’s absolutely brilliant! Why take a scuba holiday to Belize? Few places…

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