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Tips for Diving in Turneffe Atoll

Diving in Turneffe Atoll is spectacular. Located about 20 miles from Belize City, its protected waters are home to hundreds of different reef fish that use the dense mangroves as a spawning site, allowing divers to view amazing underwater scenery right off the beach. For more adventurous divers, the atoll and surrounding area offer around 70 different dive sites to explore, both for beginners and advanced divers.


To make the most out of diving in Turneffe Atoll, make sure to book your stay to correspond with the type of marine life you want to see:

Mutton Snappers – From March through May, these fish spawn at the Elbow.

Black and Tiger Groupers – In January, these groupers congregate just off the wall near the Elbow.

Ocean Triggerfish – Hundreds of fish protect their nests at Jo-Jo’s and Calabash island in July.

Dog Snapper – Between May and July, you can spot spawning fish on the west coast of the atoll at Mid Point.

Loggerhead Turtles – These types of turtles nest on Turneffe in July and August and there’s an increased probability of spotting them during coast dives.

Pilot and Killer Whales – Turneffe Atoll is part of the migration path for these whales and you can see them from March through June.

When diving in Turneffe Atoll, it’s recommended to stay right on the island. Even though Belize City is only 20 miles away, the boat ride to the city can be well over an hour and doesn’t offer the beautiful surroundings of the island. Belize Dive Haven is a new luxury resort on Turneffe Atoll that provides access to amazing diving while providing world-class resort amenities. When staying on Turneffe Atoll, you can experience the majestic underwater views without having to waste time traveling to and from the Belize mainland.

We’re currently offering preview bookings to groups of 8 or more or registering for one of our organized preview excursions.
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Belize Dive Haven Resort is located on 47 acres of breathtakingly beautiful and private land within the Turneffe Atoll. We’re nestled between palm trees and the Caribbean Sea and provide the perfect spot to experience the majestic underwater beauty Belize Barrier Reef offers.

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