Are you prepared to step into a paradise oasis?

Once you arrive in Belize, our Belize Dive Haven resort staff will be there to welcome you and take you on a boat ride to our secluded resort in the Turneffe Atoll. It’s the perfect getaway, which was once used as a hideout for the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Belize Dive Haven Resort

We’ve worked hard to create the best scuba dive resort in Belize. And we’re inviting divers from around the world to book one of our vacation packages to experience some of the best-in-class word dive sites at Belize Dive Haven resort.

Turneffe Atoll’s islands are partially enclosed by two lagoons, the North and South Lagoon, which are dominated by seagrass beds. The atoll’s more than 200 mangrove islands stretch over thirty miles, and they’re filled with a pristine fringing reef, complex channels, spits and lagoons, which serve as a spot for world-class diving, snorkelling and fishing.

As you near the islands, the water changes colour from the deepest blue, to azure and to the palest green, where clear waters lap the white coral sand beaches dotted with inviting palm trees. You’ll be relaxing in a spot about 51 km (30 miles) from the coast of Belize City in an area teeming with marine life, such as colourful sponges, countless species of coral, tunicates, anemones, starfish, turtles, spectacular fish and dolphins.

When you step off onto the 500-foot dock, it will be hard to pull your eyes from the gorgeously clear water and the adjacent coral flats.

Leave your troubles behind as you embark on a vacation you’ll always remember at Belize Dive Haven Resort.