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Popular Belize Dive Destination: The Aquarium

Located on the western side of the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, The Aquarium (also called Long Caye Aquarium) is a popular Belize dive destination because it attracts a variety of colourful marine life and has a magnificent 50-foot wall.

Quick Facts about The Aquarium

Diving Level:Depth:Location:
All140-150 feetWestern side of Lighthouse Reef

The Aquarium is almost directly across the water from Belize Dive Haven, making it a quick trip for our guests. It’s a great place for divers of all levels and the beautiful underwater scenery makes it an ideal place to practice your underwater photography skills.

Marine life you can expect to see during a dive:

Named because of the variety of invertebrates found here, you can spot something different every time you dive The Aquarium. Keep your eyes out for shrimp, grouper, parrotfish, sergeant major and even pintano.

Coral you can expect to see during a dive:

There are coral ridges that run perpendicular to the reef that are filled with holes where marine life like to hide. At the top of the nearly 50-foot wall, the coral reef is referred to as a table-top formation. Plus, you can even spot some deep-water lace coral and black coral.

The Aquarium has become a guest-favourite for divers visiting Belize Dive Haven. If you’ve ever been interested in diving this spectacular location, book your stay at Belize Dive Haven. We offer both 4-day and 7-day vacations that include up to three dives per day.

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Belize Dive Haven is the newest resort on Turneffe Atoll. We’re close to all the popular Belize dive destinations and provide our guests with beautiful accommodations, including the largest pool in the hemisphere.

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