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Top 5 Tips for Planning Your Belize Snorkel Vacation

As our name suggests, Belize Dive Haven is the go-to location for scuba divers around the world, but we also understand that scuba diving isn’t for everyone. That is why we also offer snorkelling packages, in addition to our scuba and relaxation packages. Everyone should experience the natural beauty of Belize and its surrounding waters, and these tips can help you make the most of your snorkel vacation.

Get the Right Equipment

While we are always happy to provide our guests with snorkelling equipment rentals from our dive shop, sometimes it’s nice to have your own equipment. Snorkelling equipment is relatively affordable, and while it may be hard to spot the differences between cheap equipment and more expensive equipment, you’ll notice the difference as soon as you hit the water. Don’t ruin what could be an incredible snorkelling experience trying to deal with cheap equipment, invest in a quality mask, snorkel, and pair of fins. There’s a reason this is at the top of our list of snorkel vacation tips.

Keep Your Mask Clear

This is an extremely important point on our list of snorkel vacation tips because it’s pretty hard to spot the incredible marine life in the waters of Belize if you can’t see through your mask. Invest in a quality defogging gel and practice clearing water out of your mask in our luxurious pool before hitting the sea, that way you’ll be ready for the magical open waters surrounding our resort.

Respect Marine Life

Although this is on our list of snorkel vacation tips, it’s important to remember whenever you are spending time in any fragile marine ecosystem. The best way to follow this tip is to remember to look not touch. Although it is tempting to reach out and touch the incredible marine life you’ll see when you’re snorkelling, human interaction can seriously damage these fragile species and even kill them in some cases.

Practice Makes Perfect

All of the snorkel vacation tips in the world won’t help you if you aren’t comfortable wearing and using your snorkelling equipment. Take some time to enjoy our 260-foot pool and get comfortable breathing through your snorkel, looking through your mask, and swimming with your fins.

Choose the Right Location

The best piece of advice we have for anyone looking to embark on a magical snorkelling vacation is to choose the right location. We might be biased, but we believe the globally sought-after aquatic destinations surrounding our resort are the perfect place for a fulfilling snorkelling experience.

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Just 30 miles from Belize City, Belize Dive Haven is located in pristine Turneffe Atoll. Consisting of creeks, lagoons, mangrove islands and cays, the atoll is home to over 500 species of fish, 65 different species of stony corals as well as birds, turtles, manatees and dolphins.

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