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Belize Dive Haven Groups and Clubs Hall of Fame

Beginner, intermediate, and expert divers from around the world travel to Belize Dive Haven to take advantage of the beautiful Caribbean ocean and the resort’s proximity to world-renowned dive sites like the Great Blue Hole. What not everyone knows, however, is Belize Dive Haven isn’t just for solo or even small groups of divers, we also accommodate large groups from wedding parties, to family reunions, to work retreats. The best part? We love to celebrate our amazing Belize dive groups with their very own hall of fame: here’s how to be a part of it.

We Specialize in Dive Group Tours:

At Belize Dive Haven, we love dive groups. Why? Because not only do we love catering to many guests who enjoy diving, swimming and resort life as much as we do, but we have an array of accommodations in place to make any dive trip amazing.

Regardless of what level the members of your group are in, we will ensure that everyone can dive together with beginner dive courses and lessons. Our divemasters are equipped to take very large groups on expeditions, meaning the whole party can join and won’t have to worry about splitting up. Plus, we can say from experience that diving together is a great way to bond, problem solves, team building, and just have a heck of a good time.


Group Dive Packages:

Interested in diving at Belize Dive Haven as a group? Check out our many packages that will ensure you find the right vacation for yourself and your party. From beginner courses to snorkelling, to relaxation packages, you’re bound to find the perfect fit. Not only do we have the resort accommodations and diving expertise to bring groups in, but we also have options for hall and conference room rentals.

Belize Dive Haven’s Scuba Group and Dive Clubs Hall of Fame

We’ve had many dive groups visit us since we opened our resort. Every dive group that has visited us has been full of amazing, fun, and adventurous people who we were proud to call guests!

⭑          Aquanauts⭑ Kathy Snider
⭑ Aquaventure Dive & Photo     ⭑ Kelley Group
⭑ Aquetrec⭑ Kirks Group
⭑ Benthic Scuba Centre⭑ Koenig Group
⭑ Bob’s Dive Shop⭑ Little Group
⭑ Brigett Eck⭑ Lynn Messmore
⭑ Cape Dive & Travel⭑ Mallo Group
⭑ Carolina Dive Group⭑  Marie Neuenschwander  
⭑ Christy Beckner⭑  McBee/Strieter Group
⭑ Darrell Lee⭑ Neptune Divers
⭑ David Heap⭑ New England Scuba
⭑ Dreamweaver⭑ Olney Scuba
⭑ Drift Divers Academy⭑ Peter Davis
⭑ Elizabeth Bidinotto⭑ Pinnacles Dive Centre
⭑ Foster Group⭑ Quest Dive
⭑ Frank Dicke⭑ Sankas Group
⭑ Germantown⭑ Scuba Adventures for Everyone
⭑ Great White Adventures⭑ Scuba Frisco
⭑ Green Group⭑ SealSports
⭑  Hackworth Group⭑ Southern Maryland
⭑ Indy Watersports⭑ Susan Baker
⭑ Jessica Wilkins⭑ Travel Adventures Group
⭑ Jims Dive Group⭑ Twolan Group
⭑  Joe Presuto⭑ Underwater Connections
⭑ Just Add Water⭑ Vince Gambino
⭑ Waterfront Diving⭑ Yikki Divers
⭑ World of Diving

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Just 30 miles from Belize City, Belize Dive Haven is located in pristine Turneffe Atoll. Consisting of creeks, lagoons, mangrove islands and cays, the atoll is home to over 500 species of fish, 65 different species of stony corals as well as birds, turtles, manatees and dolphins.

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