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Coral Reef Scuba Diving

Belize is fortunate to have hundreds of beautiful natural wonders including world-class dive sites, stunning ocean waters, and white sandy beaches. However, nothing is arguably more impressive and beautiful than Belize’s barrier reef: the largest living coral reef in the world. Come experience the beauty of Belize’s wildlife and ocean life by scuba diving the Belizean coral reef.

Coral Reefs of Belize

The Belize Barrier Reef consists of coral that stretches over 300 kilometres located on the coast of the north shore of Belize. The Belize Barrier Reef is accessible for divers from several different spots and is celebrated as the world’s largest living reef, second only in size to the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. Beginners and seasoned divers come from all over the world to go scuba diving in Belize’s coral reef.


Life on Tourneffe Island

When you choose to participate in scuba diving in the Belize coral reef, you’ll be astounded by the beauty of the plant life in the area. The Caribbean Ocean and its tropical climate are the perfect environment for stunning, colourful, and tropical plants to flourish, including several different species and colours of algae, sea grass that grows several feet long and beautiful, long-rooted mangroves. Our tropical resort gardens boast beautiful palms, fruit trees and flowers for our guests to enjoy.

Sealife of the Belize Barrier Reef

The stunner of the show, and a huge reason why so many people flock to enjoy scuba diving in the Belize Coral Reef, is the wildlife. Belizean and Caribbean undersea wildlife are some of the most unique and beautiful creatures that many people hope to see in person at least once in their lifetime. From sharks to dolphins, sea turtles and eels, the diverse 1400 species of fish and sea creatures are enough to make anyone feel awestruck.

Visiting the Turneff Atoll

When you choose to visit Belize to enjoy scuba diving in the coral reef, you should do it right. Visit a resort that specializes in scuba diving with passionate divemasters, introduction to scuba courses, and multiple dive trips every day. Visiting Belize Dive Haven is not just a wonderful scuba vacation, it’s a dive into everything Belize has to offer.

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Just 30 miles from Belize City, Belize Dive Haven is located in pristine Turneffe Atoll. Consisting of creeks, lagoons, mangrove islands and cays, the atoll is home to over 500 species of fish, 65 different species of stony corals as well as birds, turtles, manatees and dolphins.

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