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Best Diving Resort in Belize


Best Diving Resort in Belize 

Belize Dive Haven is the newest and best diving resort operating in Belize. Located on the largest living barrier reef in the world and close to the famed Great Blue Hole, Belize Dive Haven is the perfect place to enjoy breathtaking dives during the day and relaxing nights in paradise.

Sir Hakimi’s resort and marina is only a quick swim away from 185 miles of pristine barrier reef that’s perfect for novice and advanced divers alike. There’s no other resort that is closer to the reef, which is one of the reasons Sir Hakimi fell in love with the location and wanted to build the best diving resort Belize has to offer.


Another advantage of our location is that we have a channel on the opposite side of the island that provides calm waters—even when the ocean is rough. Having a guaranteed spot to dive is why Belize Dive Haven is such an ideal location for a diving resort.

After a day of diving, there are several amenities available on the resort, from spa services to world-class meals at the end of our boardwalk. Bonefish surround the resort, and you’re likely to catch something right off our dock. For diving-free days, there are jet skis, paddleboards, and canoes available—free of charge—for all Belize Dive Haven guests.

Did you know that Jacques Costeau called Belize one of the 10 ten places to dive in the world?

Belize Dive Haven is located on 47 acres of breathtakingly beautiful private land within the Turneffe Atoll. Nestled between palm trees and the Caribbean Sea, it provides the perfect diving getaway for couples, individuals, or groups.


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