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Buying Diving Equipment for the First Time

If you’re new to scuba diving, buying diving equipment for the first time can be an overwhelming and confusing task. It can also be expensive if you’re buying everything at once. To help you make sense of what you absolutely need, and what can be purchased at a later date, we’ve compiled a buying guide for first-time scuba divers.

The Essentials

The first four pieces of diving equipment you should purchase are a mask, fins, snorkel and wetsuit. This essential equipment will be needed on all future dives and will also help during certification and training courses.


Spend time trying on different types, styles and brands of masks until you find the perfect one for your needs. You want to ensure that the mask has a good watertight fit and that the regulator or snorkel is comfortable while wearing the mask.


It can be difficult to find the perfect size fins. You want to ensure that they’re snug, so they don’t fall off during a dive, but not too small that you can’t wiggle your toes. You’ll also have to decide if you want full-foot or open-heel fins.


We always recommend scuba divers invest in a quality snorkel. It’s helpful to conserve air when swimming to a dive spot or surface swimming.


Neoprene rubber wetsuits or spandex skins can help keep you warm and protect your skin from scratches.

Basic Equipment

After finishing certification courses, you’ll want to ensure you have the following diving equipment before going on your first dive.

Buoyancy Compensator (BC)

As one of the most important pieces of diving equipment, make sure that you buy one that is the correct size and fit. Always wear the wetsuit or skin you’ll be using when trying on the BC.

Scuba Regulator

Regulators vary widely in price. Test them for comfort and purchase the best one available within your budget.

Dive Computer

These devices help keep your dive safe by monitoring vital stats including depth, ascent rate and bottom depth. It’s important to understand what your requirements are prior to purchasing so that you’re spending wisely.

Add-On Equipment

Once you’ve been on a few dive trips, you can start to add other pieces of equipment. Many people like to use a rebreather or will invest in underwater camera equipment. If you are diving with a group, a dive slate might be helpful to communicate with others.

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