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Physical Fitness and Scuba Diving

It’s hard to place scuba diving on the same level as soccer or hockey when discussing physical fitness, but divers do need to be reasonably fit in order to safely scuba dive.

There is a toll on your body, simply from being underwater, which can stress the heart and circulatory system. For this reason, it’s recommended divers work on their aerobic fitness. Running, swimming or even walking briskly can help improve cardiovascular health that can translate to a safer dive.

Divers also need a degree of muscular fitness. Above water, diving equipment can be extremely heavy and divers need the strength to move and carry gear. Underwater, muscular strength is needed to combat drag that’s created while swimming. It’s also important to have muscular endurance as finning requires leg muscles to move constantly and can be very strenuous if you haven’t properly trained.

Maintaining physical fitness improves overall health but can also help keep you safe while diving. Even though scuba doesn’t require as much physicality as other highly active sports, it’s still important to recognize the role conditioning and strength training play in diving.

Did you know that recreational diving has been shown to reduce stress and improve well-being? A group of French scientists published a paper in 2017 that found the focus on breathing, feeling of weightlessness and calm surroundings work together to help reduce stress and create a sense of mindfulness. Read the full article.

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