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Don’t Let Wind Affect Your Diving Vacation in Belize

When divers travel to Belize, they want to make sure they’ll be able to spend their days diving, not staying on shore because of wind or other inclement weather. The unique location of Belize Dive Haven allows our guests the opportunity to dive a variety of spots—helping to ensure they can always explore the beautiful scenery—even if the weather is less than ideal.

Diving Close to the Resort

A truly unique aspect of Belize Dive Haven Resort is that the barrier reef is right in front of the resort. Any time a guest wants to dive or snorkel the coral, they can quickly and easily access it. On the other side of the resort, there’s a canal that is protected from harsh seas created by winds.

Diving at Turneffe Atoll

There are world-renowned dive sites on all sides of the atoll and trips can be adjusted based on the weather and winds. Stingray Motel, Calabash Cave, Deadman’s Cayes and Galles Point are all on the east side of the atoll. The famous Elbow and Myrtle’s Turtles is on the southern point; while the Sayonara Wreck, Permit Paradise, Hollywood and Triple Anchors are on the west coast. There are also dive sites north of the resort—Cockroach Caye Wall on the east and the Terrace, Black Coral Wall and Mini-Elbow on the west.

A dive vacation should be filled with diving—even if the weather is not always cooperating. When you stay at Belize Dive Haven Resort, there are countless dive sites, so even if the weather is rough in one area, you’ll likely be able to dive somewhere else on the atoll.

Belize Dive Haven Resort is located on 47 acres of breathtakingly beautiful and private land within the Turneffe Atoll. We’re nestled between palm trees and the Caribbean Sea and provide the perfect spot to experience the majestic underwater beauty Belize Barrier Reef offers.

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