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The Mystery at the Bottom of the Great Blue Hole

Richard Branson and Fabien Cousteau—the grandson of famous French explorer Jaques Cousteau—led an expedition to the bottom of the Great Blue Hole in December of 2018. The world’s biggest ocean sinkhole is a popular attraction for divers, but at over 400 feet deep, the bottom has remained a mystery.

During their trip, the team conducted over 20 dives with the aim of creating a 3D sonar map. When they finally reached the bottom, it was completely dark, but the equipment onboard allowed them to see their surroundings in great detail. They were able to view never-before-seen stalactites in addition to unidentifiable tracks—leading to speculation as to what could have caused them. With on-site mapping complete, the team is now working to finish the final map, which they will then share with the Government of Belize and the scientific community.

The complex system of limestone caves—now known as the Great Blue Hole—once stood on dry land. About 14,000 years ago, the melting ice caps caused the ocean to rise and flood the cave, creating a world-class diving destination.

Getting to the Great Blue Hole can be complicated as it’s near the center of Lighthouse Reef, an atoll 100 kilometers off of the Belize shore. You either have to make the long trip from the mainland, spending half your day traveling, or book a trip through a liveaboard, where you spend days cramped in a boat. However, with the opening of Belize Dive Haven, you can now stay at a beautiful resort and experience the Great Blue Hole. We’re the closest resort to the Blue Hole; reaching the famed destination only takes 30 minutes.

Explore the mystery of the Great Blue Hole while relaxing at a beautiful resort.

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