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Learn To Dive

Learning to dive can seem like a daunting task, but people all over the world of all ages learn to dive every day. If you’re looking to learn to dive, we can help to make that dream come true! At Belize Dive Haven, we love introducing our guests to the joy of diving among the beautiful flora and fauna in the Caribbean ocean, and we look forward to sharing our love for diving with our guests.

Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners

Not only do we accommodate beginner divers, but we also encourage them! We offer scuba diving vacations made specifically for beginners. Guests learn to dive in the safety of one of our massive swimming pools and then enjoy their first dive alongside our divemasters on the spectacular Belize Barrier Reef. 

Are you interested in joining us for a beginner scuba dive vacation?

PADI Certified Diving Instruction

All of our experienced divemasters and instructors are 5-Star PADI certified divers. Our instructors are of the utmost expertise in diving and are prepared to help you in every step of your diving experience. If you’re interested in learning to dive or advancing your dive skills, it takes dedication and passion, but you can feel safe knowing that you have the best of the best guiding you through the experience. 

The learn-to-dive experience at Belize Dive Haven. 

Explore the best of Belize underwater

Learning to dive in Belize is so popular not only because of all of the certified divemasters at Belize Dive Haven but also because of the incredible dive sites. Divers–both new and experienced–come from all around the world to visit Belize’s many incredible dive sites, including the Great Blue Hole, Eagle Ray Wall, and the Elbow.

Why so many people choose to learn to dive in Belize!

Advanced Scuba Diving Courses

Depending on how far you’d like to go in your scuba diving education, there are a few options for courses. Experience an incredible opportunity to learn to dive and prepare to explore world-class dive sites with expert divemasters. With multiple courses available through our instructors for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, divers of all experiences can benefit from a learn to dive course at Belize Dive Haven. 

Belize Dive Haven scuba diving courses

Learning To Master Breathing Techniques 

When you first learn to dive, It may seem odd that you can breathe through a mouthpiece and stay under the water using the air from your tank. Our divemasters share tips on how to improve your air consumption through breathing techniques for both beginners and advanced scuba divers. 

How to master underwater breathing techniques. 

Find Your New Passion 

Our divemasters at Belize Dive Haven have a deep passion for diving, the Caribbean Ocean, marine life, and beach life, and they’re eager to share that passion with you. If you’re interested in finding your next great adventure or your new hobby, let the expert divers at Belize Dive Haven show you where to start! 

Make diving your newest passion!

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