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Popular Dive Destination: Glover’s Reef

If you’re currently planning or thinking of planning a trip to dive in Belize, you may have heard of the beautiful and sprawling Glover’s Reef. Located in the Glover’s Reef Caye, Glover Reef itself has been a protected marine space since 1993 and is about 50 miles (80 kilometres) of gorgeous diving space fit for divers of all experience levels.

What Is Glover’s Reef?

Named after the 17th-century pirate and explorer, John Glover, Glover’s reef is one of the most beautiful and diverse diving spots in the entire country of Belize. While there are more shallow spaces that are located just 25 feet (7 metres) under the water’s surface where beginner divers can swim, there are deep drops off around 2,000 feet (609 metres) where more experienced divers can swim a bit deeper. With a 100-foot (30-meter) visibility range and warm gentle currents, you can expect to see a lot of sea life, even if you choose not to dive past 25 feet (8 meters).

What Plantlife Can You Expect To See There?

Glover’s Reef is home to a diverse range of plant and coral life, most of which is untouched and uncharted, giving divers a beautiful view of the sparkling waters and endless greenery. Coral heads rise up 40 feet (12 metres) from the bottom of the ocean floor and gorgeous greenery is everywhere you look, making it a beautiful sight to explore and discover and hundreds of creatures that call this reef home.

What Marine Life Can You Expect To See There?

What’s so lovely and unique about Glover’s Reef is that it’s home to so many baby sea creatures! Due to the privacy and quietness of the reef, it has become a nursery for many animals including sharksturtlesrays, and many species of fish. You can expect to see an array of sea creatures while diving there, but moreover, you can photograph these animals in their infancy and get a close up look of some of your favourite creature’s babies!

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