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Popular Belize Dive Destinations: Half Moon Caye

As one of the most popular countries to visit for diving expeditions, Belize is full of little gems throughout the Caribbean ocean. One of the most sought-after diving destinations in Belize is the gorgeous and secluded Half Moon Caye. If you’re new to Belize or new to diving, you may be wondering what makes this area so special–here’s why you should make a point to visit Half Moon Caye on your trip to Belize.

What Is Half Moon Caye?

Located South-West of the very famous Lighthouse Reef, Belize’s Half Moon Caye is a small, independent island shaped like a crescent. Half Moon Caye was the first nature reserve to be established in Belize and is now protected by central America. Half Moon Caye is known for its diverse wildlife (both land and sea) and holds the popular diving destination known as The Half Moon Caye Wall.

The Half Moon Caye Wall

Located just South of the Half Moon Caye itself, The Half Moon Caye Wall is an extremely popular diving spot in Belize, and with good reason! A quiet and secluded area, The Half Moon Caye Wall is one of the best places for divers to spot eels who are normally quite timid. Most diving expeditions anchor in the grassy open areas of The Wall, giving divers a chance to explore and swim with beautiful and unique underwater creatures like groupers, toadfish, razorfish, and yellowtail snappers. While exploring, divers can find beautiful natural wonders including coral, small caves, and the beautiful sheer wall, after which the destination is named.

Half Moon Caye Wildlife

Half Moon Caye is home to several native Belizean species both underwater and on land. The small crescent island is home to a population of about 4,000 red-footed booby birds, which means it’s a great spot for bird-watchers and animal-lovers alike to picnic and watch these unique and beautiful birds. Under Belizean law, the creatures who call the Half Moon Caye and the Half Moon Caye Wall home are protected, which means you’re likely to see rare and beautiful animals including hogfish, stingrays, and sand eels flourishing in their natural environment.

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