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Scuba Diver Etiquette

Whether it’s your first-time scuba diving, or you’re a lifelong scuba diver, it’s vital that you follow certain guidelines of etiquette every time you dive. Not only does proper etiquette help to create a comfortable environment for yourself and your fellow divers, but it also helps to keep yourself and the sea life around you safe. Here are some of the most important tips to practice safe and courteous scuba diver etiquette.

Always Listen To The Divemasters

When you choose to go diving at Belize Dive Haven, you’ll always be accompanied by expert divemasters to ensure that your dive goes smoothly and safely. The best thing you can do to uphold proper scuba diver etiquette is to always listen and pay attention to your divemasters. By listening carefully to divemasters, you’re ensuring that you absorb all of the necessary information and that you’re allowing others to do the same by not distracting them.

Respect Everyone And Everything

A key part of scuba diver etiquette is to show everyone and everything that you encounter the respect that they deserve. This means other divers, your divemasters, your equipment, the environment around you, and any sea creatures you may see. Here are some simple yet vital ways to show respect while diving.

  • Being a considerate diver means being alert to your surroundings
  • Minimize your impact on the environment
  • Pick up any trash you may see on the ocean floor
  • Only take photos, do not take any other “souveniers”

Don’t Let Your Camera Dominate Everyone’s Dive Experience

  • Give all sea creatures plenty of space
  • Avoid stirring up sand and reducing visibility for other divers coming behind you
  • Be aware of your surroundings to prevent knocking over rocks or damaging coral formations
  • Listen to your divemasters
  • Listen to your fellow divers
  • Ensure everyone is speaking the same language by reviewing the hand signs prior to your dive
  • Take good care of your equipment

Collect Any Trash You May See

Unfortunately, there is an issue with garbage–particularly plastics–ending up in the ocean after being disposed of. Trash of any kind can seriously damage the environment and threaten the lives of the creatures who live there. While diving, if you happen to see any trash, take a moment to pick it up to dispose of it once you’re on land.

Always Arrive On Time

When going on such an exciting adventure as scuba diving, the last thing you want to do is wait around indefinitely for a late diver to join. Practice proper scuba diver etiquette by always being prepared for the adventure at the right time. Make sure to be prepared with everything you need at the right location and the right time to ensure everyone has a fun time diving.

Now that you know the basics of scuba diving etiquette,
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