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Stargazing at Belize Dive Haven

One of the reasons we chose to build our resort on Turneffe Atoll was because of the tranquillity and beauty this area provides. Every day, our guests are treated to amazing views of both the sunrise and sunset over the water. With the resort being located away from mainland Belize, we also have very little light pollution, which makes our resort the perfect place for stargazing.

The stars have always been important in Belize. The ancient Maya used the sun and stars to create their calendar system while sailors used the stars to navigate the waters. Today, we don’t need to rely on stars to keep track of the date or provide navigation, but there is something truly magical about looking up and seeing familiar constellations.

When stargazing in Belize, you can spot a number of constellations.

Also known as The Hunter, this constellation can be found by looking for Orion’s Belt, the three bright stars that are almost in a perfectly straight line.

If you follow the path of the stars from Orion’s Belt, you’ll find the Great Dog, also known as Canis Major.

The Great Bear contains probably one of the most well-known groupings of stars—the Big Dipper. The handle of the Big Dipper is the bear’s tail while the cup is interpreted as the bear’s flank.

With more than 80% of the world’s populating living under light-polluted skies, take a break and visit Belize Dive Haven to relax, unwind and connect with nature.

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Just 30 miles from Belize City, Belize Dive Haven is located in pristine Turneffe Atoll. Consisting of creeks, lagoons, mangrove islands and cays, the atoll is home to over 500 species of fish, 65 different species of stony corals as well as birds, turtles, manatees and dolphins.

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