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Tips For Getting Back Into Scuba Diving

This past year everything has been put on hold. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 many of us have had to put our careers, our relationships, and our passions on the back burner and focus on staying home and staying safe instead. Now that we see our world opening up to us again after a very long pause, we are absolutely itching to get out and reclaim our hobbies. If you’re as passionate about scuba diving as we are, and you’re looking to get back into the swing of things because these past months have got you feeling a little rusty, here are a few scuba diving tips and tricks on how to get restarted and fall in love with scuba diving all over again!

Remind Yourself Why You Love Scuba Diving

The first thing to do when reclaiming any hobby is to remind yourself why you fell in love with it in the first place. Sometimes excitement can wear off when we don’t get to experience our hobby for a long time. We suggest watching some deep-sea documentaries, reading first-hand accounts of other divers’ experiences, and checking out some of our other blogs about scuba diving to get excited!

Get Moving and Get in Shape

When a runner wants to prepare for a marathon after recovering from a leg injury, they do the best thing for their body by exercising slowly to get themselves back to where they want to be. This physical training and thought process also applies to scuba divers! Your body is new to scuba diving again, and you need to treat it that way by lightly exercising and slowly building up your body strength and stamina! Physical health and fitness are essential to having a safe and fun dive, and getting your body feeling healthy and strong is a great way to make the transition back to scuba diving easier.

Start Slow and Have Fun

When you do decide to finally hit the open sea and give yourself another go at diving, start slow at first. Being a bit rusty when coming back to a hobby that was put on hold due to unforeseen circumstances is nothing to be ashamed of, and there’s no reason to push your body further than it needs to go. Most likely you’ve done some complicated or difficult dives in the past, and you will again, but first just let your body acclimate to diving and enjoy the feeling of the water around you. You’ll be better than you ever were in no time!

We know how it feels to have a pure and genuine passion for scuba diving and being in the sea, and we look forward to helping you get back into the swing of things after your 2020 break. We’re sure that when you do get back to diving you’ll take to it just like a fish to water!

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