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Belize Dive Haven Reviews

We’ve welcomed a number of guests to the resort for our week-long dive focused vacation packages and we’re thrilled by the responses we’ve received. “Words escape me, beautiful people, gorgeous diving with best friends, safety-conscious Dive Masters, excellent service all around. Do yourself a favour and book a trip here.” – R. Nash “The…

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Belize Snorkelling Tips

The Caribbean Sea has some of the most crystal-clear waters, making it a great place to snorkel and view the diverse and colourful marine life. To make the most of your Belize snorkelling trip, make sure to practice, wear the right equipment, and protect the reef. Practice If you’ve never been snorkelling, or haven’t been…

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Scuba Diving is Good for Stress Reduction

In a paper published in 2017, a group of French scientists found that recreational diving helped reduce stress and improve well-being.1 Their findings are not that surprising for anyone that dives, as many people report feeling relaxed and centred after diving. The focus on breathing, feeling of weightlessness, and calm surroundings work together to help reduce…

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