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Scuba Diving New Year’s Resolutions

Scuba Diving New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year when everyone is thinking about their goals and resolutions for the new year. And if you’re still just making one resolution per year, we challenge you to set a goal for all aspects of your life, including your hobbies. Maybe you already do make annual resolutions related to your passion for scuba diving, or maybe you’ve never thought about it. Either way, we have some ideas for scuba diving resolutions for the new year. 

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Scuba Divers

1. Master buoyancy. 

Buoyancy is an important scuba diving skill. Mastering it makes everything underwater much easier. It means using less air, enjoying longer dives, and being able to take better underwater photos and videos. 

This year, take some time to work on this essential skill. Ask your diving instructor for feedback and additional help to improve. It’ll enhance your diving experience.



2. Adopt one more ocean-friendly habit.

As a scuba diver, you’re probably (hopefully) already passionate about the ocean and protecting it and the marine life it houses. As a diver, you are closer to the ecosystems of the ocean – and the pollution that threatens them – than people who don’t dive. We’re sure that you already make considerable effort to be ocean-friendly, but we always encourage you to do more. In the new year, try adopting one more habit or practice that’s good for the ocean, and the environment overall.

Here are some ideas:

  • Add a mesh bag to your scuba gear to make every trip an opportunity to clean up 
  • Keep a reusable grocery bag in your car or purse so you always have one
  • Ditch the throw-away cup and replace it with a travel mug or insulated tumbler 
  • Opt for solid shampoo instead of buying shampoo in plastic bottles
  • Invest in a UV-protected rashguard to avoid coral-threatening sunscreen

3. Improve your underwater photography. 

Another resolution you could make is to improve your underwater photography skills. The first way to do this? Dive more of course! Make more time to practice and you’ll certainly improve. You can also work with a more experienced underwater photographer who can provide feedback and tips for improvement. In addition to spending more time underwater taking photos, spend more time reading underwater photo books and magazines. Take a class or course, and don’t forget to read your camera manual!

4. Take another course. 

Never stop learning! Make a resolution to take an extra course in the new year – it’ll also serve as a gift to yourself. There’s always more to learn and improve upon. You could take a course on how to act in a scuba emergency or even become a Divemaster! 

You can take a course during your visit to Belize Dive Haven. Divers of all experience levels can hone their skills through various courses available right at the resort.

5. Recruit new divers.

Share your love of diving in the new year! It’s such a wonderful sport that everyone should experience it. You can expose your friends or family to your beautiful hobby and give them the gift of something new as well as the unforgettable experiences that come with scuba diving. 

Belize Dive Haven can help you make this resolution a reality because we have training courses, we offer diving and discounts for groups, and we frequent dive sites for all levels. 


Share Your Resolution with Us

Whatever scuba diving resolution(s) you make, we can help you follow through. Belize Dive Haven could be your new destination or where you take a new course. We’d love to make your resolution a reality, so book your next diving trip with us

Which resolution(s), did you choose? 

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